Microblading Secrets Revealed by a Professional Glasgow Brow Artist

Microblading and Semi Permanent Eyebrows in Glasgow

Picture the scene, it’s 8:30pm Friday night and you hop in a taxi. As you pass down the brightly lit streets of Glasgow there’s a niggling feeling you just can’t shake, did you leave the front door open? Have you forgotten your purse?

You turn into Sauchiehall Street and catch sight of yourself in the rear view mirror, it’s the eyebrows, you’ve forgotten to do your eyebrows. Thankfully you’ve brought along enough makeup to restock the shelves at Boots, you quickly draw them in just in time. Crisis averted.

As anyone who has experienced this earth shattering dilemma will tell you, it’s relatively low on the list of things that could go wrong in life. That said, wouldn’t it be nice if you could avoid the precarious task of back seat eyebrow artistry for a while? Let's face it, anything that makes it less likely that you will stab yourself in the eye with an eyebrow pencil has to be a good thing right?

Microbladed Eyebrows are the answer.

To help you see what’s involved in choosing Microblading or Semi Permanent Eyebrows we researched common questions that people have and interviewed our Professional Brow Artist Asia Dhesi.

Interview with Asia Dhesi—Professional Glasgow Brow Artist

BB: Hi Asia, thanks for taking the time to be interviewed.

AD: No problem, I’m happy to be involved.

BB: Would you tell our readers a little about yourself please.

AD: Sure, I’ve worked as a professional Make-up Artist and Brow Artist for over ten years, I’ve also spent time training students in Glasgow and London in Brow Artistry and Make-up. I ran a successful salon in the west end of Glasgow for five years but decided I’d like to focus more on the clients so I came to Bearsden Beauty.

BB: Thanks that’s great. We have a few questions that people commonly ask about Microblading and Semi Permanent Makeup, we’ll run them by you one by one.

How long will my brows last for?

AD: On average it’s 1 to 2 years, but his varies from person to person. It depends on a few different things, for example; skin type, age, which products you use. Oily skin can cause the pigment to fade sooner, exfoliating products or anti-aging products containing Retinol or Glycolic Acid, AHAs can also have an impact. Also tanning whether with products or through direct sunlight will reduce the time your brows will last for.

Will my brows fade once they are healed?

AD: Yes and this is completely normal, in fact it’s part of the process. Microbladed brows are applied across 2 treatments. After the first treatment the brows will fade approximately 30 to 70%, around 6 weeks after this we perform a second treatment, this sets the pigment and will hold it for up to a year. After the second treatment it will take about 1 month for the pigment to settle in due to skin tissue healing.

How do I care for and maintain my Microbladed Eyebrows?

AD: We have an aftercare plan designed to help with this.

What colour will you use for my brows?

AD: We can mix a variety of pigments to get achieve the perfect colour for you. Each person is unique so we work with you to pick a colour that complements your skin tone, hair colour and the makeup you use. We sit down with you and go through a consultation at least 48 hours before you have your treatment. During the consultation we go through colour options and shape, we draw in the brows to make sure you are happy with them. During the consultation we also do a patch test to make sure you are not allergic to the pigment.

Do you have to remove the eyebrow hair that is already there?

AD: No, there’s no need to remove your natural brow hair. In fact Microblading looks better when your original hair is there. That said, we can shape, wax and tweeze your natural hair into a shape that complements your new semi permanent brows if needed.

What if I have little or no natural eyebrow hairs?

AD: We can carry out a Brow Restoration treatment to stimulate hair growth, this complements the Microblading treatment and can be carried out at the same time. We implant Stem Cell activation lotion to stimulate hair growth.

How can I get the perfect eyebrow shape for me?

AD: You can have a free consultation. We sit down with you for 30mins and design the treatment around you. The perfect brow shape depends on your face shape. During the consultation we map out the right shape for you and draw on the brows so that you can preview the look.

How long does the process take?

AD: Each treatment stage takes 2 hours approximately. The treatment is split into 2 stages, at stage 1 we draw on the brows and apply the pigment. At stage 2 we apply a further layer of pigment to set the brows. We also offer a brow refresh treatment to top up your colour 12 months after, this take approximately 2 hours.

BB: Thank you for your time and insightful answers Asia.

AD: My pleasure!

If you have any questions of your own about Microblading or Semi Permanent Makeup please feel free to call us on 07851 217 723 or pop into our Beauty Salon in Bearsden, we’d be happy to chat them through with you.

Until next time, stay beautiful inside and out, BB.

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