Sports Therapy Massage OPEN DAY


Are your muscles often sore after exercise?
Have you suffered a sports injury?
Do you sit at a desk all day?
Have you ever thought of having a sports massage but thought 'I don't do sports'? 


Come along to our open day to learn how you can achieve your personal best with Sports Therapy Massage from Garry Saunders, our in-house sports masseuse and personal trainer. 

Weds 21st Feb | 9am-9pm

Free 15 min consultation
Plus a complimentary 15 min Sport Therapy session on the day

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  • Limited spaces available — just get in touch to reserve your place!

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Whether you are an accomplished athlete looking to improve on current performance, or a complete newcomer to sports looking to improve health and wellbeing, Garry will help you achieve your goals.

You do not have to do sports. If you drive a lot or sit at a desk for a living you may experience sore and tight neck or shoulders. A sports massage will release this tightness and stress in the muscles.

Want to reserve your place?

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A message from Garry:

My name is Garry Saunders and health, fitness and wellbeing have been a lifelong passion of mine.

For thirty years I’ve enjoyed and participated in a wide range of sports and activities. I’ve played rugby at club level and love most areas of physical sport and activity from hiking and gym workouts to swimming and running. Since retiring from rugby I have also become a keen cyclist across several disciplines – downhill, cross country and road biking.

Sports Massage Therapy can help relax your muscles and loosen off tight joints. Massage plays an important part in the life of any sportsperson to prevent injury, support recovery from injury and can be offered pre and post event. Massage also has a number of benefits including physical, physiological and psychological.

Whether your goal is weight loss; taking care of your muscles; improving your personal best running time; improving your strength or just focusing on your general fitness and well-being I am here to help. I offer friendly and fun work outs which are tailored to your goals and progress and my wide range of expertise means that together we can find the best approach for you.

Looking forward to meeting you on the day!